More than 25 years
of experience in chemical synthesis
Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH


  1. Are you a maker or trader?

    Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH is the sales and distribution channel for Dragon Chemical Group in Europe. Since most of our products are produced in one of our Group’s chemical factories, we regard us as producer.

    On customer request we source and sell non-Dragon made products.

  2. Do you offer application support for hair colorants?

    No. But our partner HCT – Hair Cosmetic Technology AG in Switzerland may help you with your formulation problem.
    Please contact us.

  3. Are you ISO certified?
    Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH is not ISO-certified but our factories Zhejiang Dragon Chemical Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Dragon Technology Co., Ltd. are certified to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  4. Are you compliant with REACh?
    Yes. Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH has pre-registered all substances and plays an active role in many SIEFs as Lead Registrant. First products were registered in 2013.
  5. Are you interested in representing other Chinese producers in Europe?
    We are glad to cooperate with any sincere partner who is leading in a specific field.
    Please contact us.
  6. Do you make finished products?
    No. Dragon Chemical Group is specialized in chemical synthesis and has no ability or interest to enter into consumer products.